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Magic Jack Plus

Latest and most up to date news about magic jack plus, the upgrade device from the magic jack is now released to the market and people are raving about the power magic jack plus and how it can be used as VOIP still but without having your computer turned on, so your computer can be off and still use magic jack plus

Sneak Peak

The latest upgrade to the popular Magic Jack, Magic Jack Plus is already making waves in the market. Just like the Magic Jack, Magic Jack Plus allows the users to effortlessly make long distance calls as well as unlimited local calls to the countries including Canada and US. This VoIP …

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Magic Jack Plus History

The Past, Present and Future of Magic Jack Plus Magic Jack Plus is the latest buzz in the world of IP telephony. The new advanced version was released in September 2011, as an upgraded version of the Magic Jack. This previous version was introduced in the market almost three years …

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