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Cost Of Magicjack Plus

MagicJack Plus Emerging as a Cost Effective Alternative of Landline Phones

MagicJack Plus was introduced to the market in September, 2011. Within a very short period of time, they have made their presence felt amidst millions of customers. This new and upgraded version of MagicJack has completely done away with the few limitations that the previous version had. A computer was indispensable with the previous version. There were complaints with regards to the call quality, as well. The MagicJack Plus is a much advanced version that doses not require any computer, and the call quality has also improved by leaps and bounds. These enhancements coupled with an unbeatable price make this device a strong contender to rule the market in the near future.

The evolution of telephones in the last few decades truly represents how technology has changed everything around us. First the landlines phones had to make way for the mobile phones. The world of telephony was no longer the same with the advent of software like Telecommuting and Skype. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is one more such highly advanced telephony that has brought the entire world to the tip of our fingers. MagicJack Plus is the latest of VoIP based telephony that is probably the most talked about topic in the world of telecommunication right now. 

MagicJack made its appearance in the market in the year 2008. However, the earlier version had limited success in the market because of its dependence on a computer. The new version is a USB dongle that be plugged in to a power outlet, a router, and a telephone. The best part is that there is no longer any involvement of a computer in the entire process. A Mac or a PC is required only once to set up the telephone number of users. Unlike the initial version, this version does not require a computer to make or receive calls. The phone lines act the same way as a regular landline phone. The basic features like call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, and voice mail are available with the service. However, a broadband connection is still required to make this entire system work. The satellite service and the dialup users would not be able to avail the service because an upload speed of minimum 128 kbps is required. 

The easy set up and usage are the major plus points of MagicJack Plus. It is extremely easy to plug the dongle directly to a router. It can also be attached to adapters that are capable of routing internet connections via a power outlet. A dial tone can be heard within 20 seconds of connecting all the components. 12 months of service package start after setting up an account with the company. It is also required to have the telephone number registered before the service gets activated. The users can use up to 30 minutes of talk time even before the service gets activated. There is no need to install any driver because the software is installed in the dongle. The service also provides the luxury of vanity numbers. However, this facility is so far available only for the American customers. Very soon the same would be made available for the Canadian customers, too.

The additional benefit of MagicJack Plus over a landline telephone is that it can also be used while traveling. The only requirement is the availability of an Ethernet port in the hotel room or wherever the user goes. The improved MagicJack Plus has sorted out all the call quality related issue that the previous version had. The typical issues of VoIP phones like echoing and abrupt call disconnection have been properly taken care of. The amazing service is available for an unbeatable price, and suddenly it has become the preferred choice of millions of customers. Looking at the present day expenses of a landline phone, the savings offered by MagicJack Plus is certainly lucrative. However, it needs to be seen how well it can live up to the market demands in the long run. 

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  1. I am trying to renew my subscription ,I need to update my payment method
    Unable to find how to edit

  2. How to purchase Magic Jack Plus in China ?
    I hope to purchase one set , please let me know the detail

  3. I am using nettalk duo, and I am trying to compare this product so that I will know whether to switch or not, but sadly, there is no price package to compare on this site. It will be much better if you can publish the monthly prices of ay services you have.

  4. Why is it so hard to find the price?
    Would you list all relevant charges that one will expect (no surprises) in the first year?

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