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The Latest Developments of Magic Jack Plus

The new Magic Jack Plus is the advanced version of the highly popular cheap calling device Magic Jack. The previous version was highly popular amongst the consumers. However, the device had two staggering issues which limited its progress beyond a certain point. The original Magic Jack device could not work without a computer. It was actually quite impractical to keep a computer on for twenty four hours a day in order to receive uninterrupted call service.

The new Magic Jack Plus is a much advanced device which works without any computer. This small rectangular device only needs to be connected to an Ethernet port through a modem or router to make unlimited free calls to any American or Canadian number. This means a lot for Magic Jack Plus because they can now switch off their computers, and still make substantial savings on their phone bill. The previous version also had call reception related issues because it was totally dependent on the performance and speed of the computer. The new Magic Jack Plus is equipped with advanced features like HD voice and Echo Control. Many customer reviews has revealed that the performance of Magic Jack Plus is much improved than its immediate predecessor. 

These two enhancements have made the device a serious contender to challenge the existence of regular landline service providers. Most importantly, these improved features have not made it too expensive in comparison to the earlier version. Magic Jack Plus device costs $69.95, and this cost includes free service for one year. The renewal cost per year is only $29.95 per year. The users can also choose to retain their existing telephone numbers by paying an additional amount of $19.99. The company also provides an opportunity to make extra savings by renewing the service for five years spending only $99.95.

Many customers had complained that the previous version was too cumbersome to use, and the set up process was not very user friendly. These difficulties were mostly because it was necessary to use the device along with a computer. The elimination of the computer has made Magic Jack Plus much easier to install and use. 

The device can now be hooked up to directly to the modems and routers. Another good news for users of the previous versions is that they can also upgrade their service plan to enjoy the improved service of Magic Jack Plus. This advanced version was introduced in the month of September 2011. There were much more in store for the customers later in the same month. Magic Jack Plus was made compatible with iPods, iPads, and iPhones, thanks to the iOS application of Magic Jack Plus.

Industry experts feel that this is a significant milestone in the context of the future of telecommunication industry. This application will now enable the iPod, iPad, and iPhone users to avail the unlimited free calling service from Magic Jack Plus. Free calls can also be made to any Magic Jack Plus user at any part of the world. The most amazing thing about this application is that it can be availed absolutely free of cost. It may sound too good to believe, but that is exactly what the truth is. The application is based on the 3G technology and does not require any calling minutes.

As a result, the customers do not need to make any purchase to use this application. Users have already confirmed that the system works perfectly without any unnecessary complications. This amazing application has been made available by iTunes, and the free download facility is available in the website of the Apple Store. 

Magic Jack Plus is a life changing device that has been manufactured by VocalTec, the pioneer in the market of VoIP based telephone equipments and service. The company is vastly responsible for the advancements made in the field over the last decade. The company has many more aggressive plans for the next few years, and the Magic Jack Plus users can certainly expect many more enhancements coming their way.

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  1. Im contacting you on behalf of my parents . their number is 519 800 8253 . they had purchased a five year service with your company. it expired a year earlier than it was supposed to . So we had to pay for an additional 5 years. here’s the order number TS83484686 . The problem is we can receive calls but cant call out. we need full service as soon as possible. I need to call a service agent if possible can you please provide me with a number

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