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Magic Jack Plus For Mac

Magic Jack Plus Now Has an iOS App

Magic Jack Plus was launched in September 2011 after a long wait. The earlier version named Magic Jack has been in the market since last three years. Over 15 million American and Canadian consumers purchased this device to enjoy unlimited call facility for a cheaper rate. The more advanced Magic Jack Plus was released in the manufacturer’s relentless quest to deliver better service to its customers.

The upgraded device has already made a significant impact in the market. The Magic Jack Plus can operate without any involvement of a computer. This upgrade has made the device much more acceptable for all types of customers. However, there were more surprises for the customers of Magic Jack Plus. Another significant landmark was achieved by Magic Jack Plus within a month of its official launch. The VocalTec top bosses declared that the device will now have an iOS App. This is a life changing step in the world of modern telephony. This means that now the iPad, iPod, and iPhone users can also make unlimited free calls to any American and Canadian number using the service of Magic Jack Plus. Any Magic Jack Plus number can also be called absolutely free of charge. 

The best thing about this new development is that it is a completely free service.  The App works by the application of 3G technology to provide this amazing service for which calling minutes are not required. The iPad, iPhone, and iPod users were excited to know that they can enjoy the wonderful service of Magic Jack Plus without making any purchase whatsoever. Users have already stated that it works very well without any hassles at all. They can register themselves to receive their free Magic Jack Plus phone number through this App. They can also choose to avail free calls simply by keying in any number. This interesting Magic Jack Plus App comes free to customers from iTunes. This free application can now be downloaded from the website of the Apple Store.

The market for the Magic Jack Plus has certainly started expanding after the launch of this application. Free telephone calls can now be availed all over the globe, thanks to Apple and Magic Jack Plus. Using the app is as simple as using a mobile phone, but the voice quality is reported to be much better. iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users can start using this app by getting connected to a Wi-Fi or 4G network that has similar functionality as a mobile phone. This new application has broadened the scope of   Magic Jack Plus to an extent that includes smartphones and different other highly advanced consumer electronics devices. 

VocalTec now has a CLEC network that is the largest in the entire United States in terms of available area codes. They also have eighty three session border controllers and 140 servers. The company presently uses only 5 % of the server capacity and expects the huge server capacity to be utilized soon with further growth of Magic Jack Plus. It has aggressive plans to make Magic Jack Plus compatible with different other devices and services using 4G and Wi-Fi within 2012. VocalTec is already the fastest growing telecom service provider in the entire North America, thanks to millions of satisfied customers in Canada and America.

VocalTec is the company that has been the active player behind the growth of VoIP technology in the world of telecommunication. The journey started more than 15 years ago with the launch of Internet Phone, the first ever internet phone software. The world of telephony has completely changed since then. However, VocalTec’s commitment towards providing the best to its customers has not changed. Magic Jack Plus is the latest from them till now. Many more enhancements and technological up gradations are surely on the cards. 

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