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MJ Plus Vs. Net Talk Duo

A Comparison Between MagicJack Plus and NetTalk Duo

The new and improved version of MagicJack Plus has emerged as the strongest competitor of NetTalk Duo in the recent months. Throughout the last decade or so, there has been an ever increasing trend of customers opting for low cost VoIP based telephone service providers instead of the conventional landline telephone. The high cost of maintaining a landline phone is responsible for this sudden shift in the attitude of the customers.

The VoIP based telephone service providers use high speed broadband connection to provide service to customers. VocalTec Communications Limited and NetTalk Incorporated are two of the leading providers of this service. They have left all their other competitors way behind so far.  MagicJack Plus and NetTalk Duo are the latest products from VocalTec and NetTalk respectively.  Both these products have shared phenomenal success in the industry within a very short time. These two competitors have many similarities in terms of the service offered by them. 

Both MagicJack Plus and NetTalk Duo have received immense popularity due to the fact that they offer an opportunity to make high quality telephone calls by the use of high speed broadband connection. NetTalk Duo can be plugged in to a high speed router or modem and provides a hassle free mode of use without the use of any computer. The initial version of MagicJack was lagging behind NetTalk Duo because it needed the support of a computer for its operation. However, the advanced MagicJack Plus has eliminated this limitation and does not require a computer anymore. Now MagicJack Plus can also be connected to a modem or router to enjoy the service without any computer. Both these products can be used easily while traveling. The users can either connect it to an Ethernet port or can use the service or through their computer with a downloadable software. This is a highly popular feature of both these devices.

Both MagicJack Plus and NetTalk Duo allow customers to enjoy the basic features of a landline phone for a much lower price. Along with high quality calling service, they continue receiving the benefits of call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, 411 directory assistance, etc. The best feature of these two services is that they both allow unlimited free calling facility for a minimum expenditure. Surprisingly, the cost of using these two services is exactly identical. Both devices are available for $69.95 and this cost includes free usage of service for the first year. The cost for availing the service is $29.95 per year from the next year. MagicJack Plus provides one added benefit of purchasing the service at a discounted price of $99.95 for the next five years. This provides additional savings for users of MajicJack Plus. Another identical feature of the two services is that customers can retain their telephone number with both of them. 

There are two areas where NetTalk Duo outscores MagicJack Plus till now. In addition to normal calling facilities, it also offers its customers the luxury of making video calls to other users of NetTalk Duo. This facility has not been introduced by MagicJack till date. NetTalk Duo also has a free live phone support to resolve all the issues of its customers. Whereas, the MagicJack Plus do not have any such facility for the users. However, it is important to remember that MagicJack Plus has just about made its appearance in the market, and there are certainly many more surprises in store for the customers.

To sum up this discussion, it can be said that both these companies have little difference in terms of what they offer to customers. User reviews have indicated that both companies have a large pool of satisfied customers who have had a pleasant experience with these service providers. This certainly establishes the fact that switching over to a trusted provider of VoIP based service from conventional landline is the correct decision looking at the present market scenario. 

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