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MagicJack Plus: The Latest Buzz in the Telecommunication Industry

The much awaited release of the MagicJack Plus has finally taken place. The release was earlier slated for the first quarter of 2011. However, the elaborate testing of the device delayed the launch till Sepetember, 2011. Functionally speaking, this is an upgraded version of MagicJack, the miraculous device that has already revolutionized the telecommunications industry in Canada and the United States. The previous version made its appearance three years ago and changed the concept of low cost telephone calls forever. This is a tiny rectangular device to get connected to the VoIP network of MagicJack. This device makes it possible for users to make unlimited long distance and local calls to any number in Canada and the United States for only $29.95 per year. The new upgraded version called MagicJack Plus is similar in terms of the basic functions in the sense that both of them are VoIP adapters. However, the new version has a few important and upgraded features that will make it even better than its predecessor. 

One major area of concern for the older version was that it was completely dependent on a computer. Therefore, it was necessary to have a computer to enjoy the benefits of MagicJack. Moreover, it is also inconvenient to have to switch on a computer before making every telephone call. This problem has now been completely taken care of by the upgraded version. In addition to USB port, the new MajicJack Plus can also work without a computer via Ethernet link to a modem. Initially, the manufacturers had planned to use the Wi-Fi and 4G technology for this technological upgradation. However, the update plans were changed later. The new version has also been upgraded in terms providing an enhanced call quality without any interruption whatsoever. The introduction of HD voice and Echo Control has made the call quality similar to any other types of phone, if not better.  One more difference between the two is in the price. The new device costs $29.95 per year. Whereas, the previous version used to cost $10 less per month. 

The MagicJack Plus will surely make life much easier for people who make frequent phone calls. This wonderful tool is compatible with any standard phone. The installation process is a breeze, and it does not even take a minute to start enjoying the amazing service. Unlike the older version, the advanced new version does not involve the installation of any software. Connecting the phone to the MagicJack Plus device through an Ethernet cable is all that is required to be done. The users will continue to enjoy the basic telephone services like voice mail, call waiting, etc while they avail incredible savings in their telephone expense. Many users have already informed that the call quality of this new version has improved dramatically, thanks to the HD voice and echo control technology. The number of dropped calls, static issues, and freeze ups are very few in the new advanced version. 

The most wonderful thing about this device is the unbelievable savings that it provides on a regular basis. The MagicJack Plus device is available for a price of $69.95, and this price includes all costs for the first year of service. The service is available for $29.95 per year in the years to follow. For this throw away price, the users can make unlimited calls to any number in Canada and the United States. There are additional packages for making international calls at cheap per minute pulse. It is also possible to retain the present telephone number with MagicJack Plus. This facility can be availed for a nominal cost of $19.99. This device provides one of the cheapest home telephone options with no hassles in terms of its set up and usage. The MagicJack Plus is all set to become a major force in the telecom sector in the days to come. 

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