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Purpose Of Magic Jack Plus

Top Reasons for Shifting to MagicJack Plus ?

The much awaited market release of MagicJack Plus finally took place in the month of September, 2011. According to VocalTec, the manufacturer of this efficient VoIP phone, more than 15 million people had purchased the original MagicJack device before the upgraded version made its appearance.  This device was one of the first ever VoIP phones, and naturally made good grounds in the market. However, the device had its own limitations, as well. The limited success of this product resulted in serious upgradation of the device. The upgraded MagicJack Plus is a self sufficient tool that does not require any computer. This one modification helped the product to reach out to a larger pool of customers. The frequent call drops and echoing are now a thing of the past, thanks to the new MagicJack Plus VoIP telephone. In spite of all these enhancements, the cost of using the device has not increased by much. Enjoying the excellent service of MagicJack Plus costs only $10 more per year comparing to the previous version. MagicJack Plus has certainly experienced unprecedented success in the American and Canadian telecom sector immediately after its launch. The benefits offered by the company can not be matched by the other dominant players in the market of VoIP telephony. 

The biggest reason for shifting to MagicJack Plus is its unmatched price. The users need to purchase the device for $69.95 to start enjoying the service. This cost includes the cost of service for the first year, too. The package details very simple to understand. The customers can make unlimited calls to any number in Canada and the United States at any time of the day for only $29.95 per year. As mentioned, this amount is totally exempted for the first year. It is also possible to make international calls to any other country for very cheap per minute rates using the service. Shifting to this service does not stop the customers from using the basic phone features like call waiting, caller identification, call forwarding, etc. Many customers have appreciated the fact that they could retain their previous telephone number after making a move to MagicJack Plus. The number porting facility is available for a one time fee of $19.95. The buyers can also opt for device replacement insurance by paying $10 while purchasing MagicJack Plus or during the process of getting registered with the service. The savings can be maximized by purchasing the service for additional five years for only $99.95. 

The easy installation and usage of MagicJack Plus is another reason for customers to join their service. The set up process takes less than five minutes even for a technologically challenged person. The first step is to attach the device to the computer using the USB port. This step is required to get registered with the service and receive the phone number. The process can be completed in no time following the on screen prompts. Now the device can be removed from the computer and attached to the modem or Ethernet port. The users can also opt for a vanity number by paying $10 only. The call quality of the MagicJack Plus has now improved considerably, and the users have mentioned that issues like call disconnection or echoing are extremely rare. The users of the previous version can also upgrade their service package to enjoy the difference. MagicJack Plus can also be carried by the users while traveling. The device will work anywhere provided an Ethernet port is available. 

MagicJack Plus is undoubtedly one of the most economical of all home telephone services available. Moreover, it offers all the benefits and features that are available with much costlier landline phones. Easy set up and use, excellent quality, and an incredibly low price have already made MajicJack Plus one of the most preferred service providers. The temptation to shift to this amazing service can be irresistible considering all these points together.

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