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The latest upgrade to the popular Magic Jack, Magic Jack Plus is already making waves in the market. Just like the Magic Jack, Magic Jack Plus allows the users to effortlessly make long distance calls as well as unlimited local calls to the countries including Canada and US. This VoIP telephone adapter is just like the previous installment Magic Jack, but there are a lot of key upgrades that enhance your calling experience. VocalTec has launched this new product at a nominal rate of $69.95 per year. Let’s take a look at what Magic Jack Plus is all about.

Computer is ‘NOT’ Required

Magic Jack Plus just doesn’t work via USB port; in fact it works independent of a computer via any router or a modem. Though magicjack plus was earlier slated to work via 4G or Wi-Fi, however on a later stage the updates were cancelled. Nonetheless, the major downside of the earlier model Magic Jack was resolved that is its dependence on a computer. With the elimination of a computer, the Magic Jack Plus is expected to work impeccably just like your normal home phone works. Now you just don’t have to let your computer switched on all the times. Besides, you don’t even have to move the telephone to keep it near the computer. It is simply effortless and hassle free.

Affordability Assured

There is a major advantage of buying Magic Jack Plus and that is its insanely cheap price. At a low price, you can get hands on this attractive deal that also comes with one year of service. And if you need future service as well then you need to pay an additional charge of $30. Isn’t the initial cost of service less? It definitely is. There is just no competition to the product as far as its price is concerned.

Expect The Best Call Quality

There is a major difference in the Magic Jack and its successor is that the previous one had some serious quality issues. To combat this issue, new up gradations were done to the predecessor. And finally the concern has been sort out by adding two features that include HD Voice as well as Echo Control. These additional updates have made Magic Jack Plus a popular product. Besides, the firm has even claimed that the additions are sure to enhance the quality for good. You are going to enjoy this experience for sure. So, at a small price, you get in hands superb quality.

Portability- So that You Can Easily Carry It Anywhere With You

Magic Jack Plus allows you to take experience portability and take the home phone wherever and wherever you go. You just require the device, Wi-Fi, a router/Ethernet, as well as a telephone. The simple way to make use of Magic Jack Plus is that it can be brought along while traveling to the hotel where you stay. Just unhook the phone of the hotel room and just attach the Magic Jack Plus to the phone. This ways, you can carry it along anywhere and everywhere you go that too without any hassle.

Free International Call to Canada and the U.S.

Don’t worry about the high call charges as you can take it even with you when you are travelling. So, you can easily make free international calls to U.S as well as Canada. Wherever or in whichever part of the world you are, you can make free of cost calls to Canada and U.S. for sure. You can even buy one for someone who has been living overseas and you are in close touch to him/her. This can help you make free calls in a hassle free manner.

This revolutionary telecommunication device is easy to use. Besides, it functions with all the standard phones. You don’t require any kind of installation of the software. This advanced product overcomes the shortcomings of its predecessor and is a revolutionary product. With the high voice quality, the product is sure to gain a lot of prominence amongst the people and is sure to give a close competition to other products. The major benefits associated with the Magic Jack Plus even includes competitive pricing, low cost delivery and service charges, larger user base, as well as proper customer care facilities. Users who wish to get hands on this superb product can buy it easily online by ordering it at the website magicjack[dot]com This will save all your efforts and time. Moreover, you can even read reviews about the product. So, this can help you make a right decision in buying Magic Jack Plus.

Buying Magic Jack Plus is certainly one of the best decisions and it calls help you communicate overseas free of cost and that too without hassle. So, go ahead and order the product right away.

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